WP6 Pilot Action

WP COORDINATOR: Consorcio provincial de desarrollo



A6.1 Elaboration and publication of the public callfor the 2 HC involved in the pilot actions;

A6.2 Evaluation of applications;

A6.3 Signing of agreements and membership of selectedparticipants to the local network;

A6.4 Functional adjustment of selected houses;

A6.5 Tourist operator training;

A6.6 Creation of a centre of accommodation working asreception giving to the tourists all the services that usually are offered in aresidential/hotel structure.

Quantified outputs:

1) Starting up of some microaccommodations for an initial overall capacity of 120 total beds;

2) 2 scattered accommodationsystems (Alexandria and Bethlehem) adherent to network local tourist;

3) One training courseaddressed to grants beneficiaries for the activation of the accommodation service both in Alexandria and in Bethlehem.