WP3 Capitalisation of the results

WP COORDINATOR: Centro Universitario Europeo per i Beni Culturali



A3.1 Developing stakeholders/policy makers networks;

A3.2 Setting up agreements and political commitments with relevant decision makers and stakeholders for the implementation of results after the end of the project;

A3.3 Identifying financing mechanisms allowing new public and private investments;

A3.4 Setting up permanent structures and define the scope, composition, financing in order to ensure the long lasting effect and the sustainability of the project results;

A3.5 Promoting tools, methods, databases and other results and outputs to end users;

A3.6 Involving and reaching target group(s), political/decision making bodies and the beneficiaries of the project results and explain why the project focuses on them;

A3.7 Collection of national public and/or private financing instruments and investment in a short and friendly handbook;

A3.8 Elaborating a strategy and/or ways to ensure that results are transferred to the policy level.


Quantified outputs:

1) Contact List with at least 2000 contact details of local potential stakeholders;

2) Short Handbook presenting information about national public and/or private financing instruments and investments for implementing a scattered hotel in Historical Centres;

3) Action plan to be published on the Project Web-Site.