WP2 Communication

WP COORDINATOR: Società Geografica Italiana Onlus


A2.1. Local workshops of project presentation and international forum;

A2.2 Local workshops for the constitution of the local network;

A2.3 Evaluation and dissemination of results.

Quantified outputs:

1) Project logo and Layout for promotional materials and for website;

2) At least 5 media announcements and 5 press releases;

3) F.O.P. website, attracting at least 3000 visitors during project lifetime;

4) Printed fliers, at least 300 copies per language (8 languages x 300 = 2400 copies);

5) 6 workshops (1 for each countries) with at least 200 partecipants and 30 local actors for each area involved;

6) International Forum with at least 600 participants;

7) International Meeting with at least 100 direct participants.