WP1 Management and coordination

WP COORDINATOR: Società Geografica Italiana Onlus



A1.1. Organization of project implementation among partners;

Quantified outputs:

1) Partnership agreements to set out partners roles, responsibilities, delivery dates, financial and valorisation monitoring agreements (at least 1 agreement about partners roles and responsibilities; at least 1 valorisation monitoring agreement);

2) Internal financial and reporting template (every 6 months) for summarizing the costs incurred in the project, transposing them in Euro and make financial reporting transparent and easy (at least 3 internal financial and reporting templates);

3) Intermediary narrative and financial report;

4) Final narrative and financial report;

5) Meeting minutes and briefings after each partners meeting;

6) 4 working meetings of project partners – one for launching the project, two intermediate meeting, in order to assure the development packages and to analyze the main outputs and secure their exploitation and dissemination and one for concluding the project;

7) Monitoring plan and tools.

Koordinazzjoni u Mmaniġġjar ta’ WP1