Spanish local workshop

Spanish local workshop

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Date: 6th October, 2014;

Place: Córdoba;

Description: The Spanish Partner “Consorcio provincial de desarrollo economico” organized a local workshop last 6th October.


• Membership in heritage and tourism networks has important returns to Córdoba, both financial and economic, exchanging experiences and promoting tourism;
• The Department of Heritage and Historic Town from municipality of Córdoba is taking actions demanded by tourism actors in Cordoba: showing heritage in the evening, extended hours, to put in value elements that before were closed, religious tourism, new tourism products, project about visual pollution, accessibility, braiding and wiring, remove obsolete furniture;
• Córdoba has an average level in terms of cleaning service public workers, high mechanization of service and in recent years have increased services in the historical centre, innovative solutions are providing for waste collection as ecopoints and the involvement in transnational cooperation projects in waste management to further improvement;
• Hotels and other actors should be used as Córdoba advertising platform;
• Other instruments, including public and private entities, could help to synchronize institutions working together.


• Córdoba is little known, tourists are surprised at how beautiful Córdoba is and after seeing they recommend it, but the aim is getting overnight stays to be increased because Cordoba is much more;
• Things are been doing but awareness raising is needed, all actors have to know about Córdoba to help Córdoba grows;
• We must all be one and with everyone, the aims will be achieved, very slow steps but firm;
• It is said that sometimes there are jurisdictional problems that inhibit to put in value the heritage;
• We must pursue excellence in all;
• We must offer views of the cathedral, museums, churches and patios, we have to give what tourists come looking for, to stay more days;
• The river must also be put in value;
• More infrastructures are demanded, convention centre, visitor centre.


  • Sustainable tourism can help us to advertise the city and to counteract the effects of mass tourism, the city is committed to the environment;
  • The tourist comes to know our people, our habits, taste the local products and live experiences: two products very significant, the sustainability is essential: food and patios of Córdoba, to be aware of the dispersion and make them available to tourists all year, it is being done in part. The gastronomy also has to be put in value, it is first thing demanded by tourists, to know what we eat to know what we are;
  • Topics that are reflected in the study and that were already requested since some time: opening times of museums, to see heritage at night, more car parks and hotel rooms, wiring in the historic centre, training for frontline staff, citizen security;
  • Street cleaning and waste collection is very important in visitor satisfaction and sustainability of tourism.

 The summary of the participants in the Workshop is the following:

  • Number of participants: 52 (24 attendants, 5 speakers round table, 5 components of our department internationalisation and European funds, manager CPDE, President CPDE, social network responsible CPDE, 15 Employment Course CPDE participants).