New tourism project to be achieved in Mahdia

New tourism project to be achieved in Mahdia

(TAP) – A new tourism project will be shortly carried out in Mahdia to highlight the historical monuments and handicraft products and to promote the tourism sector in the region, officer in charge of international co-operation at the municipality of Mahdia Mohamed Boussofara said.

This project will create 200 accommodations to host tourists in the Medina and sightseeing tours including selling craft products and visiting historical monuments, Boussofara told TAP.

This project, the cost of which will amount to 5MTD to be funded by the European Union as a donation, includes three virtual tours through smart phone applications (in Arabic, French and English) to Mahdia museums, beach houses and Borj Othmani.

Through these applications, visitors will have the opportunity to tour historical monuments and the medina souks without resorting to tourist guide and residency centres, restaurants, coffee shops and craft shops.

Boussofara said the project is based on the principle of networking and creation of a data base between all stakeholders (owners of guest houses and restaurants), stressing that eight Mediterranean cities are partners in this database, including Palestine, Italy, France, Tunisia and Malta.

The project, to be ready in 2017, aims at encouraging private investors to set up their businesses in this field through training in guest houses management.