The tourist attractiveness of the historic center:
Sets typically European and Arab flavor angles come together in the streets of the second capital of Egypt (al-Iskandariyah). A city that has lost none of the cosmopolitan character of the past, when it was open to trade with the Indies, to Christianity, to the wise, philosophers and artists who with their contributions have made Alexandria one of the most advanced centers of the ancient world . But it is the Mediterranean atmosphere to capture through its streets, today, as in the time of E.M. writers Forster and Lawrence Durrell. The KostandínosKaváfis greek poet, born in
Alexandria in 1863, he remained in love with his city, dedicating more than 150 poems. So Ungaretti, born here in 1888, which speaks of it as the “land of my childhood, my adolescence, my nostalgia.” Today Alexandria continues to enchant with its beauty a bit ‘too melancholy writer who is not, but can not find the magic and poetry in its collections squares, in gardens, in the quiet corridors of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, with its futuristic shape reminiscent of the sun rising from the sea and its ancient manuscripts, in the heady Arabian alleyways of the market for Fragrances and in the turkish quarter, along narrow streets where overlook protruding balconies and mosques. But in addition to what you see, the beautiful Alexandria fascinates even the memory of what is no longer there. Like the famous lighthouse, one of the seven wonders of the ancient world, or to the ancient library, repository of science, philosophy and wisdom, destroyed in 48 BC the stake, or to the legend that says that the birth of the city is the result of a dream of Alexander the Great, whose tomb, however, is still one of the mysteries that plagues historians and archaeologists.
The tourist attractiveness of the surroundings geographic:
If you enter the wilderness of Mariut, south of Alexandria in Egypt, you can visit Abu Mina, in which resides the oldest Christian monument of Egypt: the Basilica of Arcadius (V century), UNESCO Heritage. Although the Cairo metropolis is not far from Alexandria and certainly worth a visit because faithful mirror of history and art of the entire Egypt. Just south of Cairo, also the plain of Giza, as you know, is of great historical interest since it hosts one of the largest cemeteries in the country. Also nearby, the wonderful and famous Saqqara, where not only can you see the famous Zooser funerary complex, but also the Mastaba of Idut, the Mastaba of Mereruka and that of Ti.