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FOP Euro-Mediterranean Collaborative Network

The FOP Collaborative Network brings together different types of entities variety from different sectors, as well as individuals that are mostly autonomous, geographically distributed and heterogeneous in terms of their operating environment, culture and goals. The aim of the network is to allow for collaboration between the different organisations in order to help to achieve common or compatible goals through the support by dynamics of networks.

Mission of the Network

Future of Our Past project aims to generate innovative and sustainable tourism strategies, in order to enhance the promotion of the extraordinary cultural and environmental heritage in the Mediterranean Basin, consisting of fascinating historical centres situated in the inner territories – rich in art, culture and tradition – that have rarely benefited from touristic development, which is generally more focused on coastal areas. Creating a Mediterranean collaborative network among cross-border local communities and heterogeneous tourism stakeholders means:

  1. sharing within the cluster  the best practices and resources achieved by the management of the historical centres;
  2. enhancing the set of skills and knowledge  based on sustainable tourism to deliver training to transnational actors and policy makers;
  3. smooth development of the networking international chain  to attract further Mediterranean cities and tourism stakeholders;
  4. coordinating joint initiatives  for the promotion of cultural events and dissemination activities to spread the latest touristic offers and packages;
  5. raising awareness  for the conscious use of the local communities’ cultural heritage and for sustainable mobility of both visitors and residents.

The meaning of Collaborative Network

The network consisting of different types of entities variety from different sectors, as well as individuals that are mostly autonomous, geographically distributed and heterogeneous in terms of their operating environment, culture and goals. The network has been set up to provide support to these entities and facilitate collaboration between the different types of organisations.

Local network

The FOP Euro-Mediterranean Network consists of a Scientific Technical Committee composed of representatives from each of the local networks. Presently, we have 6 local networks that have been established in the following regions:

  • The local network of the Amalfi Coast
  • The local network of Cordoba
  • The local network of Malta
  • The local network of Byblos
  • The local network of Bethlehem
  • The local network of Mahdia

 Organisations and stakeholders operating in different project partner regions and that are participating in the FOP network – will have a representative from their own local network and they can collaborate with the local project partner or directly with the members of the Technical-Scientific Committee.

All other organisations and stakeholders which are operating outside the region covered by the FOP project – can request the establishment of a local network by bringing together a minimum of 30 public/private organisations or local actors operating in their region. In this case a representative from the new local network will be appointed to participate in the Technical-Scientific Committee.

 Join our network! Who we are looking for…

We are looking for policy makers and stakeholders involved in the touristic and cultural management to join Cross-border Euro-Mediterranean network. This network shall help us to reach the objectives of the Future of Our Past project.

The Mediterranean collaborative network is designed to allow users to share and search contacts and information; to upload their own experiences on similar projects or events to be carried out and to establish possible future collaborations and partnerships among the participants of the Mediterranean collaborative network.

Why a collaborative Network?

According to the strategy advocated by Future of Our Past, one of the objectives was working together with stakeholders from the different countries to carry out specific actions with the aim of creating a Mediterranean network of Historical Centres. A number of activities have coordinated strategically in order to stimulate sustainable tourism; to foster local communities’ authenticity, economy and identity; to promote touristic diversification and less impact on the environment.
The Cross-Border network is a smart multimedia tool aiming to spread – among the actors involved in the planning of strategic models of community tourism – transnational activities and experiences for tourism and culture; and to connect Historical Centres and their initiatives, towards a closer economic, social and cultural integration of the Mediterranean Sea basin.

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Promoter municipalities:

Borgia (CZ)

Birgu (Malta)

Ortelle e Vignacastrisi (LE): waiting for resolution

Genzano di Roma (RM): waiting for resolution

Rocca Pia (AQ): waiting for resolution

Campi Salentina (LE): waiting for resolution

Acquapendente (VT)

Formello (RM)

Ruffano (LE)

Guardia San Framondi (BN)

Specchia (LE)


Furore (SA)

tramonti logo

Tramonti (SA)

logo scala

Scala (SA)

Castrignano dei greci

Castrignano de greci (LE)


Maglie (LE)

comune gangi

Gangi (PA)

comune di otranto

Otranto (LE)

comune di frascatiFrascati (RM)

Logo Mahdia municipality

Municipality of Mahdia
Mountain Communities:
Monti Lattari, Tramonti (SA)
Pro loco (Association promoting local culture and tourism):
pro loco furorePro Loco di Furore (SA)
pro loco scalaPro Loco di Scala (SA)
Pro-loco-TramontiPro Loco di Tramonti (SA)
Association Syndacat Initiative touristique – Mahdia

Borghi più Belli d’Italia: waiting for formal subscription
scala nel mondoAssociazione Scala nel Mondo, Scala (SA)

FURORÈ, Società per lo Sviluppo e la Promozione del Turismo Culturale e dei Beni Culturali, Furore (SA)

Logo Associazione Sud

Associazione Sud
Mahdia Mémoire de la Méditerranée
Atelier Musée Naval de Mahdia
logo fête de la Mer
Association Festival fête de la Mer – Mahdia – مهرجــــان عــــيــــد البحر‎
KRM – International Counsulting and Partnership

Parco Nazionale del Cilento e Vallo di Diano (waiting for formal subscription)

Parco Regionale Otranto – Santa Maria di Leuca (waiting for formal subscription)

Parco Regionale del Partenio (waiting for formal subscription)
Universities and Research Center:

Rome University of International Studies (UNINT)

International University of Languages and Media (IULM)

An-Najah National University- Nablus- Palestine

University of Bari (UNIBA)

Green Road (Gal Colline Joniche)
Risultati immagini per ummto universityMouloud Mammeri University of Tizi-Ouzou (UMMUTO)
cataniaDepartment of Humanities, University of Catania (UNICA)

University of Bari – Dpt of Economic sciences and mathematical methods
htaaThe Association of Heritage &Traditional Arts
egtgsThe Branch Tourist Guide Syndicat of Alexandria
ceformCentro Europeo di Formazione (CEFORM)

Private Enterprises:
Anglo-Maltese league
Anglo-Maltese Restaurant
La Vallette Bar & Restaurant
café jubilee
Jubilee Bar & Restaurant;
café jubilee
Metropolis Bistro
Luzzart syncretic agency